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Are you comfortable talking about sexual health and related topics in a professional manner?

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I do not remember my answer exactly, but I explained that the nature of the company's work in the fertility industry made such discussions completely appropriate, and that therefore I took no offense the subject matter.

Why do you want to be a Technical Client Consultant and what is your career track plan?

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Several questions related to current limitations or associated problems encountered with some of the biomedical equipment from a customer or usability perspective (i.e. what is the biggest complaint with equipment X, why is equipment Z superior to equipment X). Additionally, technical questions related to why some new product lines will have a greater market impact from a technical solution standpoint compared to current more expensive or older biological/biomedical methods (i.e. which product do you see making an impact in the market place in this next year and why?).

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Tell me of a time that you did not provide outstanding customer service and what you did to correct this

Why do you want to work here/be hired for this role?

Tell me about a time you had a difficult time working with someone.

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Tell me about a time where you persuaded others to see your point of view

Did you help anyone last week? who did you help

Explain a time when you had to figure out what a client was trying to ask without upsetting the client.

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