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Tell me about a time when you faced a difficult situation with coworkers or a client and how you resolved it.

Why sales?

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What is a descriptor and what is a metaclass? It's okay if you don't know.

Why would you make a good fit for Izea?

[from the hiring process] Tech screen by Kenexa's ProveIT product. The tech screen was horrible. The questions for were basically pulled right from MSDN or were testing for typos. Some of the questions were about topics real developers DO NOT deal with. This wasn't Vaco's fault necessarily. According to them the client requested that candidates complete this assessment prior to submission.

How are list and tuple different? Elaborate. Can they be keys in a dict? Why?

1. Do you prefer being a "hunter gatherer" or a "harvester"? 2. What is an example of research you have done that impacted a client's business? 3. What is an example of a challenge(s) you faced doing research for a client? 4. Give three words that describe you? 5. Why do you want to work here?

Name something about a former employer you didn't like?

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They are very adamant about consultative selling and want rainmakers to find new clients to sell their services. Tell me a time when you used consultative selling to close a deal.....Tell me a time when you..... All of the interviews are behavioral until you reach the final face-to-face interviews. They are looking for a specific type of person so there is no point in faking it. There are no case interview questions like other consulting firms.

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