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Chief Financial Officer for PE Client Company was asked...January 8, 2014

How do you see yourself getting involved with the company and/or its clients?

1 Answers

Consulting with client as company employee or joining the client to execute new strategy/tactics when current management cannot make the adjustment. Less


How would you go about selling our service to potential clients?

1 Answers

Was not yet even educated on there processes.....


We often have to relay bad news to clients. Provide an example of a time you had to do this and how you handled it.

1 Answers

I had a client at my former company who had 200+ employees enrolled with an incorrect medical rate, which meant they had incorrect deductions from their paycheck for 6 months before we found the error. I had to reach out to the client and let them know what had happened, how the error occurred, what we were doing to fix it, and what we were doing to be sure a similar issue does not occur in the future. I was open and honest with the client and told them we were to blame and apologized profusely. They were of course unhappy that it occurred, but they appreciated the honesty and that we were willing to do what was necessary to correct the issue quickly. Less

ORA Group International

What experience do you have with client relationship management? Have you worked with any major clients in the past? If so, which ones and what experiences did you gain from that? What has made you effective at client and account management?


Why is a tennis ball fuzzy?

34 Answers

The fuzz creates drag which helps stabilize the flight path of the ball. This principle is also used with dimples in Golf balls. Less

It has no hands to hold the razor!

To help your walker slide gently across the floor

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Q. What is it about Google that inspires you?

16 Answers


Its innovations and creativity!! Whenever, there is a special occasion, the way it portrays on Google chrome search, it is inspiring!! I believe that Google knows that its real asset are humans, that's why interacting with common people like this makes it unique!! Google has its unique selling point! Less


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J.P. Morgan

How do you find yourself working with the team?

12 Answers

and Have you got a feedback since then ?

I haven't got any feedback since them.....

Really ? have you tried to send them an email ? because I had a first round interview with them and never heard back as well Less

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Active Network

Most unexpected question: Describe to me the process and benefits of wearing a seatbelt.

10 Answers

Process: put buckle into socket until it locks. Benefit: your face doesn't become shredded to hell when it goes flying through the windshield in an accident. Less

Process (front seat manual seat belt only for simplicity): Prerequisites: - Be inside car. - Be seated. - Be unbuckled. Step 1: move the hand farthest from your nearest window over your opposite shoulder, reaching just behind the window frame for the belt buckle. Step 2: Grab it and pull your hand across your body in a downward fashion, reaching for the space between your seat and the seat next to you, where you'll find the socket into which the buckle locks. Step 3: Match the hole in the socket with the buckle. It may take some practice. Step 4: CLICK! Benefits (from most to least likely to happen): - Avoiding minor injuries from hitting your head against the windshield when the person driving brakes too hard all of a sudden. - Being able to slide your nail against the side of the belt, making a "swish" noise which will potentially annoy everyone else inside the car, for endless fun. - Achieving a false sense of security. - Avoiding fines for not using it (where applicable). And not having to use one of these: - If you do end up having a real car crash, you won't have to worry about any nasty sequels, as you'll likely die caught in its relentless grip as your car explodes. - Avoiding dying when the car comes to an abrupt stop after having gathered enough momentum to throw you off through the windshield. Less

flight attendant, assume crash position...

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Fisher Investments

Are your parents disappointed with your career aspirations.

7 Answers

Right on, J. My answer would be "Well, Dad saddled me with his dreams of being a major league pitcher, but when he died of prostate cancer 12 years ago I kinda had to forgive him. My mother loves me regardless of my career. Allow me to turn the question around, if you will. Are your parents disappointed that you failed charm school?" Less

The question is intended to see how you deal with criticism and pressure. Can you shake off the implied insult of a question that should be answered the same as if they had asked, "Are your parents proud of your career aspirations?" Just answer truthfully: - If your parents are disappointed in you, what made you desire your career anyway? - If you chose to follow their desired career path for you, was there something you liked more, and if so, why didn't you choose that? - If you chose your career, and they're pleased, then nice work. I chose a profession that can be both fun and challenging, provides job security, and pays enough to provide for a family, and they're proud of that. Less

I also agree this is somewhat inappropriate. I would probably answer rather sarcastically - though truthfully: Since my father died at age 47, I imagine he's a lot more disappointed about that than me; for that matter, so is my mother. Less

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What are you passionate about ?

6 Answers

As a Ui Ux Designer , My Answer It is boring to work on the same setup every day , I do a new experiment and pick up the right and new tools Less

As a Ui Designer,, My Answer is It is boring to work on the same setup every day, so I doing a new experiment and pick up the right and new tools Less

As a Ui Designer,, My Answer is It is boring to work on the same setup every day, so I doing a new experiment and pick up the right and new tools Less

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