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J.P. Morgan
Client Implementation Manager was asked...February 26, 2021

personal skills —> give you situation and ask how you manage

1 Answers

your understanding about the role

J.P. Morgan

Career aspiration —> how do you see yourself in 2-5 years

1 Answers

why you apply for the job


What is the difference between 'include' and 'require' in OO PHP?

1 Answers

'require' will generate an error if the included header file cannot be found. 'include' will not generate the error. Less


They had me role play a conversation with one of them as a client.

1 Answers

With my very limited knowledge of the product, I let the imaginary client know why the product wasn't working. It was a little difficult, but the point wasn't to see how much I knew about the product but rather how I handled a phone call with an upset client. Less

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama

What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?


Tell us about a time when things went wrong, and how you handled it.

Livongo Health

What are you doing here?

Livongo Health

Who are you?

Livongo Health

Tell me about your project experience... then you’ll be cut off to ask about why you left your last job.

Principal Financial Group

Describe a situation in which you dealt with a difficult client, what did you say, what was their reaction, and what was the end result.

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