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Client Partner was asked...March 7, 2023

the STAR approach use by most tech firms.


How can you apply the experience of a product company into a services company. Mostly they asked about the past experience and evaluate how well you can those skills in the role.

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I explained them very well. A partner manager is a bridge between a Sales team and a Partner organization, it doesn't matter if you are working for a product company or for a services company, there are some basics skills that you to acquire if you are working for a Product company or Services company, but the core remains the same Less


Do you have experience in consultative sales? Do you have a quota-based performance review?


Why do you want to work for us?


The interviewers were friendly and professional. They asked a lot of questions about my previous experience. The questions were relevant to the position I applied for.


Tell me more about your biggest failure? Tell me more about when you unlock incredible business?


Why do you want to work at MQ? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How did you find out about MQ? What would you say are your strengths? What would you say are your weaknesses?

Talking Talent

How would you handle a challenging/difficult client?


How many years experience do you have?


Stage1 (HR Screening) General discussion about past experience, motivation to join Tiktok, salary expectations etc. Stage 2 (Manager) 1. Tell me about yourself 2. Asked about experience of selling and acquiring new clients 3. Challenges while selling 4. What would you do in first 90 days after onboarding is no one is there to instruct 5. How will you sell Tiktok to XYZ client, what if they complaint about ROAS Stage 3 (Case study Presentation) I was given a task to build a pitch to sell Tiktok Ads to a new company. During the discussion there were 3 people who asked different questions Stage 4 (Leadership discussions) 1. What are your account planning strategies? 2. What do you do when KPI’s are not achieved 3. Tell me about a conflict situations 4. Learning from the conflict 5. What is your biggest achievement in life?

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