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Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

2 Answers

It is a tricky question because you really don't know how your life will be in five years but try your best and say that you would like to work for the company and learn how to grow here and have a stable job and planning to pursue a Bachelor degree if you don't have one currently.

In a mirror..

No difficult questions - which was only two...Tell me about yourself. What hours can you work. Then a bunch of personal questions, that had nothing to do with the job. But I answered, because I thought he was just being friendly. Maybe he wanted to find out if I was available for a date, don't know why.

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What was my last job like?

1 Answer

Describe a time when you went above and beyond for a Co-worker?

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Describe a time where you were faced with an angry customer and what did you do?

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Why should I hire you?

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They'll have you present how you would take a call.

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How do you handle a disguntle customer as well as a impatient tax preparer both needing your attention at the same time?

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How do you evaluate success?

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