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What is your idea of reasonable turn around time for a project?

3 Answers

Depends on the clients ability to provide assets, and the scope of work.

Reasonable would be the projected, based on original scope and estimated labor hours. The word reasonable in itself indicates the use of reason to determine the outcome.


No need to prepare for the interview with rehearsed answers; be genuine.

1 Answer

They asked me to rate my leadership skills.

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Why are you looking for a new job?

1 Answer

Name an example of a Data Management Platform?

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How have grown revenue at past clients?

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What am I looking for in next role?

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I had a follow up question that was answer in a rude way... Based on my job experience and what they are looking for, I was perfect. However, based on the position, my experience was not needed from what I could tell based on the tasks listed on the description. I asked why would they want someone with my background to do this job?

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Explain my career goals

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