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What I understood about the product and how it works

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I spoke about the website content and how I thought it worked for the market that I have been in

All basic questions. Anything listed on my resume, they made sure to point out and asked for a lot of examples.

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Future Goals and Plans. Situations experienced that could be helpful in new job

a lot about my background and passions

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Can you share a little about you management style?

1. Knowledge of industry 2. Are you willing to learn 3. Previous experience - and how it relates 4. Are you a team player

Mainly about overall experience with their own and other types of marketing software, as well as what kinds of campaigns I had worked on and how they were proven. Very results-oriented, and would have brought the data with me had I known that was going to be explicitly asked of me.

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1) Have you ever done joins? If so, what type of joins? 2) What tables do you pull from? 3) How would you effectively measure offline conversions? 4) Case study: You have 15min to prep and then tell me how you would set up their future campaign? (With the very little data they provided) 5) What accounts do you work on? 6) Have you ever had any conflicts with you peers? 7) How do you organize or prioritize your tasks? 8) Do you work directly with clients and sales reps?

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Describe a typical project process, or describe a project process that you went through. What sort of tasks / hurdles did you have to overcome?

Name an example of a Data Management Platform?

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