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Name a time you had a disagreement with a manager. What was the outcome?

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I told them about a time where the Teller Manager (I used to work at a bank) had unrealistic expectations of what one teller can do on any given busy day. I tried to go to my manager with the concern and how I noticed a trend of tellers coming up short whenever they had too many side jobs and asked if she could delegate work to different tellers. She disagreed, I made my points again, and she disagreed again. I had no choice but to just drop the issue and continue doing my job. I made sure to mention that everything "turned out fine" in the end even though I really hated the manager for it.

Asked to complete a test plan.

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Most difficult was what were my short term goals

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If you are swamped with work (which you will be quite a lot. A ref flag should have gone up for me, but I am young and naive) how can manage having multiple deadlines.

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Tell me about a time that you failed.

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What are you most proud of?

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Tell me about and experience where you received excellent customer service and what did you do about it.

How would you deal with a difficult customer?

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How do you deal with a difficult client.?

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