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Client Technical Support Associate Interview Questions


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What does POST mean?

1 Answer

Power-On Self-Test (POST) refers to routines which run immediately after many digital electronic devices are powered on. Perhaps the most widely-known usage pertains to computing devices (personal computers, PDAs, networking devices such as routers, switches, intrusion detection systems and other monitoring devices)

Suppose you start up your computer and the motherboard splash screen appears, but it's followed by a black screen with a blinking cursor. What do you think that is, and would you do?

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Cultural Related Questions

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Suppose you want to set up a wireless network, and you want it to be wireless-n. What does that mean?

What is BIOS

1 Answer

Describe a time when you had a customer yelling at you, completely irate.

Describe an experience when you went above and beyond the call for a customer?

On your previous employment how did you assist with IT issues?

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What does the term RAID mean?

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Describe a time when normal procedures did not work.