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Clinical Information Manager Interview Questions


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What would you do in a situation under pressure?

1 Answer

I said I would be calm and take the task at hand like I always do.

What is one of your weaknesses and how will this position help you improve? Talk about a time you had to work with someone who you didn't get along with. How did you handle the situation? Tell me about a time you were in a stressful work situation. How do you deal with distractions at work?

What was your favorite thing about your most recent experience (clinical setting)? And how does it apply to this position?

What are your weaknesses and how do you think this position will help you strengthen that weakness?

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you want this job?

1 Answer

What makes this position perfect for you? what is the rold of a CIM?

How did you find out about this position?

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