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Clinical Nurse Educator was asked...January 4, 2018

To describe how I handled certain situations.

1 Answers

I recalled situations from my past that applied to the question.


History of employment

1 Answers

Provided CV and went over steop by step

NorthWest Arkansas Community College

What strengths do you have and what made you apply for this job?

1 Answers

Dynamic team player who supports nurse educators and works as a team.

Everett Clinic

A question that stayed with me was how I plan to integrate myself within their organization.

1 Answers

I felt confident that, being such a people oriented person, I would get to know many on a personal level and find a unique connection. Less

SSM Health

Why I wanted to work for SSM Health.

1 Answers

I appreciate the stability of the organization and have worked for SLU Hospital in the past. Less

Greystone Healthcare Management


1 Answers

Did you had to fill up the new employee wizard if that so where you look at it?


Practice behavioral questions - these assess past performance such as how you handle conflict.

1 Answers

Interviewer gave hint on how to respond - use STAR method. S= situation, T= task, A=action, R= result Less

John Muir Health

They asked me to describe a difficult time I had with an individual and how I addressed it.

1 Answers

I told them of a surgeon that wanted to have surgery that morning but he never scheduled with me or told me where the patient was. He got really irate and yelled at my staff. I told him the error of not coming to me to schedule his case and that I was not going to tolerate him talking to me in the fashion he was. He said he would tell leadership and when I told them what happened, they all supported my decision. Less

United Therapeutics

Typical STAR format, “tell me about a time when things didn’t go as planned, what did you do, etc”

1 Answers

Answered honestly

UnitedHealth Group

Don’t recall the questions. I had to prep a demo presentation.

1 Answers

Provided a presentation on building an ice cream cone.

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