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BAYADA Home Health Care
RN Clinical Manager was asked...April 28, 2021

My clinical and nursing experience, my past experience in home care, and how did I deal with a difficult or unforeseen circumstance ?

1 Answers

I have been an RN for over 10 years. I have most of my career experience as a home care RN and have worked with Pediatric, Adult, and Geriatric clients. One of my clients had signs and symptoms of distress but was refusing to see a doctor or go to the hospital. After years of building a trusting relationship I told him I was concerned. By me having stated that, he reluctantly agreed to go to the ER. He needed emergency surgery do to a ruptured gallbladder. By building a trusting relationship he understood that by me looking out for him was not just because I wanted him to go to the hospital, but that I was looking out for him. Less

Banner Health

My most difficult question was "how did I act in the past to assist to resolve a difficult situation which resulted in an improvement of patient care while working a shift. How did I make a difference in the patient care and improve the communication among the team members of my shift.

1 Answers

I told about a situation where I was asked to assess a patient who was post c section and having pelvic pain. I took the time away from my own patient care to go with another nurse to the room, palpate the bladder, catheterize the patient as ordered prn if she was unable to void, and obtained a large amount of urine through the catheter, making the patient much more comfortable. Less

Kaiser Permanente

How do I deal with conflict.

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It depends on the approach of the other person as to whether I feel I need to answer the question or ask questions before I answer. Less

American Health Holding

Strengths, case management process, how to handle unhappy patients, how would I balance an emergency when working from home, if I was familiar with Milliman guidelines, benchmark criteria for treatments, cost savings

1 Answers

Informed assess situation, inquire what angry patient expected, assured pt would seek assistance in chain of command, accountable back to pt w answer Less

Beaumont Health

There were a series of the “normal” interview-type questions plus some that were very specific to that particular field of healthcare.

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I’ve been a nurse for almost thirty years. Most of my time has been spent in that particular field of healthcare and in leadership. I answered the questions based on all of the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years. Less

Delta College

Why did I apply for this job

1 Answers

I wanted to get away fro bedside nursing and found teaching to be very rewarding

BAYADA Home Health Care

My experience and things I liked or disliked about my position.

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12 yrs in pediatrics, 10 in home care with 3 as a manager. My role at that time was overwhelming with unreasonable expectations that not only jeopardized my patients but myself. I was already looking to leave as I was not valued. Less

Kettering Health Network

What would you do if...

1 Answers

Explain a scenario outcome in your work place...real example are best

BAYADA Home Health Care

how much money are you looking for ?

1 Answers

what are you offering, for how much time?


Describe your leadership style?

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Laissez Farre. Laid back but have the ability to switch leadership style depending on environment or situation. Wish I would have said transformational because that is what I am mostly but couldn't think of it at top of my head. Less

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