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Clinical Project Manager Interview Questions


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Describe yourself in one word

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Name a time that a co-worker did something that was out of regulation, how did you react and what was the final outcome?

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What will make you a better project Manager?

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The interview is to review my background and skills, and to let me know more about the position they want to fill.

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Case study.

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What do you do to relax? then in a STAR format, a couple situations were presented for my response on actions and resolutions.

How would you handle a PI who could or would not recruit patients

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What traits do you have that would make you a good project manager? What past experience do you have that would make you good for this position?

Tell me about how you would manage a vendor/CRO? How hands on (or off) would you be and why?

I was asked several times if there was ever a time that I had conflict with a co-worker and how I resolved it? How I would tackle my first week? What would be my mindset? What are my strengths? What are the biggest challenges I've faced and how did I resolve them? How do I feel about international travel?

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