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Whittier Hospital Medical Center
Clinical Pharmacist was asked...April 20, 2015

Are you a hardworker?

1 Answers


Univera Healthcare

Behavior based interviews.

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Doesn't matter: they hire pharmacists through temp services only now: no benefits and temp only Less


What’s the tapering schedule for a patient who is on 50mg/day of Clonazepam? The only hint I’m willing to give is to convert the dose of Clonazepam to Diazepam and then guess between 1~75% decrease per week of the dose.

1 Answers

10mg of Diazepam is equipotent to 0.5mg of Clonazepam so therefore 1mg of Clonazepam is 20mg of Diazepam. 50mg of Clonazepam would be 1000mg of Diazepam. Professor Ashton’s Benzo taper manual recommends between 10 to 25% decrease per week according to patients tolerability. Therefore I would start at 5% a week, because 1000mg od Diazepam is bizarrely supratherapeutic and the patient is bound to experience w/d dx and I would want to mitigate that so I would start below what i’d recommend, and that increase at increments of 5% every 4 weeks to taper off the patient. Less

Kailash Hospital and Research Centre


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About my self

RPh on the GO


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ExactCare Pharmacy

How do you handle conflict resolution?

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I described scenarios at my previous job requiring mediation.

US Department of Veterans Affairs

How would you handle two employees who could not get along?

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Recommend to go through mediation, to get input from each employee and work together to come to an agreement that both employees could accept. Less

CVS Health

Tell me about a time that you helped a patient avoid a drug side affect.

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Described counselling a patient picking up an antibiotic prescription to prevent diarrhea by adding a probiotic. Less

UnitedHealth Group

What interests you in a pharmacist career doing pharmacy benefits management with United Healthcare (OptumRx), as opposed to continuing in retail pharmacy? Give an example of when you had a difficult situation with a pharmacy patient, and how it was resolved? Where you ever asked to do something illegal by one your previous company, and if so, how did you proceed?

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As a clinical/ hospital pharmacist for 20 years , I wanted to work in different areas of pharmacy profession . That’s one reason.some pharmacist wants to avoid shouting job and want to go 9 to 5. Less

UnitedHealth Group

Describe a difficult situation

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Think positive n goes next step

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