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Tell us about your professional background? What strengths would you bring to Virginia Mason? Why are you interested in pursuing a career opportunity at our organization? What are you passionate about?

None. The questions are standards interview questions.

cookie-cutter questions: Why you? Why Maimonides? What was your hardest case last year?

Q:2 Describe a situation where you had a disagreement with another staff member and how you dealt with it?

Q3: If a patient is ready to be discharged according to your professional assessment, but the psychiatrist states the patient needs to stay longer, what would you do?

Case that went well and did not go well? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What population do you like to work with the most? They will ask you why do you want to work here and to review your past experience. It will be important to have evidence based experience.

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What theories do you find most useful to your social work practice?

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I weas asked what three things I would want with me if I were to get stuck on a desert island. I understand this is no longer asked. Other questions were standard, such as questions about what extent of experience I had with addictions. I was given a position working with addicts, but was not informed I would be doing this until after I accepted the job, so asking lots of questions about what they expect is very important. I was also asked what theoritical base I used. Centerstone uses largely behavioral-cognitive protocols, so that is the correct answer, in my opinion.