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I weas asked what three things I would want with me if I were to get stuck on a desert island. I understand this is no longer asked. Other questions were standard, such as questions about what extent of experience I had with addictions. I was given a position working with addicts, but was not informed I would be doing this until after I accepted the job, so asking lots of questions about what they expect is very important. I was also asked what theoritical base I used. Centerstone uses largely behavioral-cognitive protocols, so that is the correct answer, in my opinion.

Often times in providing a lot of services in the community, your clinical and professional boundaries are challenged. Can you describe a situation where your professional boundaries were challenged doing fieldwork and how you have managed it? (Department related)

Please describe your education and clinical experience that has prepared you for a position as a clinical social worker in the HCA. Include, if any, your experience in providing services for the serious and persistently mentally ill.

How comfortable am I working with the population served at the Sites providing supports from the agency.

You have a client who was referred to your program two months after being d/c from the hospital. He is actively using substances and has missed his last two MD appointments and is not returning your calls. How would you handle this situation? (Department related)

How can you diffuse an irate patient?

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I can't recall exactly but it included my clinical experience, communication style with colleagues, why Denver Health...

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Do you have experience conducting suicide assessments, How would you handle conflict with a supervisor, What is motivational interviewing and how would you use it to support behavior change with a client, What changes were made from DSM-IV to DSM-5?

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