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Tell us a time when you had a hard time with a supervisor.

Is there anything you would like to add that would help us in evaluating you for this position?

What systems have you used in the past to organize your workload? How would you go about establishing an organized approach to dealing with an documenting an unpredictable workday?

cookie-cutter questions: Why you? Why Maimonides? What was your hardest case last year?

How comfortable am I working with the population served at the Sites providing supports from the agency.

A short clinical vignette. It was so difficult, but it was important to answer thoroughly without blabbering on.

I will give questions from several interviews not any specific one. How do you deal with deadlines? How do you deal with conflict with a co-worker? Give us a example of excellent customer service. Give us an example of a challenging Veterans and how you kept boundaries? How did you de-escalate an angry Veteran?

You have a client who was referred to your program two months after being d/c from the hospital. He is actively using substances and has missed his last two MD appointments and is not returning your calls. How would you handle this situation? (Department related)

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