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MedStar Health
Clinical Engineering Technician was asked...August 2, 2016

They asked me how I would deal with an irate patient/customer.

1 Answers

I personally think the number one thing to do is to listen to them to them. Show them that you are interested in remedying there issue. People just want to be listened too. Less

Yale New Haven Hospital

what was an bad experience you had with a patient or coworker or manager that you had and how did you handle it?

1 Answers

a coworker who constantly asked me for help but didn't ever help me. I said I continued to help her when I knew it affected patient care. Less

United Allergy Services

Name a time when you had a creative idea that changed an old process for the better

1 Answers

I brought up a when i was an RA and I decided that instead of creating programs for only my residents, how about we create a program to include the entire floor, to enhance the student community as majority of my residents were foreign. Creating programs for the whole floor is still utilized to this day and has further created events and competitions per floor for the resident halls. Less

RWJBarnabas Health

what was a difficult situation you were in and how did you handle it

1 Answers

spoke about previous experience with patient in hospital

SPD Development Company

Describe how a pregnancy test works

1 Answers

Using the pregnancy test provided, I explained how a test works to the best of my knowledge. Less

Duke Regional Hospital

Why did I have a gap in employment?

1 Answers

Medical reason was all I had to say. It was the truth.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital

How would you handle a combative patient?

1 Answers

Because I had no experience previously with this type of situation I related it back to my customer service experience and answered through that. Less

PRA Health Sciences

What was you greatest accomplishment and failure and what did you learn from both?

1 Answers

Past work experience

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Q: What was one thing that they asked you?

1 Answers

How did you answer this question? (Optional)

Fresenius Medical Care - North America

Reliable vehicle? Be there at 4:30 am. Is there someone to take care of my kids if they get sick.

1 Answers


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