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Clinical Trial Manager was asked...March 18, 2009

Tell me about a time when.....

2 Answers

Show teamwork and priortization in examples.

For all behavioral interview questions (that all begin similarly, seeking a specific past example to try to predict future behavior - generally one of the best (and standard) interviewing techniques) try to draw from your list of past accomplishments. (You do have a list of 4-6 significant accomplishments ready, don't you??) You get a grade B if you have a specific example that answers their question, grade A if your example resulted in a significant accomplishment, and grade A+ if your example resulted in a significant accomplishment that you can quantify ($'s saved, % improvement, etc.). Less


Why do you want to move from your current position to another position

2 Answers

Can be hard to answer & not bash current position/employer.

Looking for professional growth and longevity in my career

xbiotech usa

What do you like about XBiotech?

1 Answers

Novel development of antibody

Olema Oncology

Questions were related to project and vendor management/oversight. Communication style/ approach. Problem solving abilities

1 Answers

I used the STAR formula (Situation, task, action, and results. I also added the impact and learned lessons. Less


Name 3 hurdles you will have to overcome if you have this job

1 Answers

Describe a time when you did not agree with a decision that was being made and how did you handle it? Less

Innovent Biologics

Can you tell me a time you did something to motivate people to change course?

1 Answers

Leading from the front, motivating, coaching and providing the tools to succeed to the team works. Less

Care Access Research

Explain why I had different jobs in the course of 25 years ? We want some one that stays here.

1 Answers

I said that “ I’m not a job hopper. I had a gap because I stayed home with my son for a few years and I am at my current place for 7 years and another for 10. “. I had already told them all of this as soon as we started the interview. Less

Aixial Group

Pourquoi changez vous de poste?

1 Answers

Volonté d'évolution, d'investissement et recherche d'un sentiment d'appartenance à une société Less


In general, they asked about my professional interests, where would I want to focus or target my professional carreer, and what skills would I bring with me from my previous job position and associated educational background.

1 Answers

More than a concrete answer, we discussed about the position and how that would be matching the aforementioned professional career interests, and how would all that fit with the job offer and the development/career oportunities associated. I mentioned that my PhD and years as academic researcher would bring lots of transferable skills in project manager, coordinator and multi-tasking capabilities, as well as the capacity to develop strong skills in many different divisions (technical skills, lab bench capacities, animal models, data analysis, scientific and medical writing, gran proposal and ethical regulatory approvals, project "marketization", etc). Less


The interview felt relaxed, and was very much conversational. They asked me about my experiences, a few behavioral questions, about my interests, and where I saw myself in the future.

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I have a suspicion that your interview will vary greatly depending on who's interviewing you and what position you're applying for. Less

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