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Could you walk me through and draw out a sketch of a recent architecture project you completed?

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I probably drew way to sloppy, but the interviewer seemed positive based on the drawing and explanation I gave.

Same expereince , very sloppy hiring people and extremly unprofessional timerames and feedbaks - making me wonder their job postings are wither a BS or if you are not Whitle they just dont hire (MS Irvine is fampous to be a white boy club!) Stay away Microoft is no longer what itused to be and after Satya it didnt change much either

What is BGP? What is Active Directory? What is a CIDR block? What is the difference between MYSQL and NoSQL ect ect

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1 question was interesting... It was the old "You have 25 horses, a 5-lane racetrack, and no stopwatch. What is the minimum number of races needed to find the 3 fastest horses."

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Do you golf?

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Follow up this email by replying all with an email indicating your choice in assignment, timeline and throughout the assignment any assumptions you may choose to move forward with for simplification. Communication and documentation is key to the successful completion and consider the recipients of this email as your team. DevOps Assignment 1 Objective: Use CM tools such as Puppet, Ansible, or Chef to automate the installation of basic Drupal or WordPress. Setup a sample site. Automate the solution using Cloudformation template. Deliverable: A cloudformation template that accepts user inputs as parameters where applicable ( for example, Admin password). This template should setup VPC, create subnets, launch a CM instance, pull the necessary code (modules, classes, recipes etc) from a GIT repo (or S3), and configure the web instance for basic Drupal or Wordpress setup. DevOps Assignment 2 Objective: Use CM tools such as Puppet, Ansible (preferable), or Chef to automate the installation of ELK. This script must be triggered Jenkins job to set up ELK. Deliverable: A cloudformation template that launches a Jenkins AMI prepackaged with the job. When the job is run, it should automatically trigger the launch of an EC2 instance and install ELK.

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how would you move files from on prem to S3?

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What are some of the web technologies you have used?

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Differences between SQL and No Relational DDBB.

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Q: Tell me about the most difficult project you have worked on in your career and how you handled the challenges?

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How do you move 2billion files from on-premise to cloud

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