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St. Jude Medical
Electrical Engineer Co-op was asked...February 4, 2015

Why are manholes round? ( Checking my thinking capacity I guess )

2 Answers

There are squared manholes as well. And in Brussels, Belgium, the majority of them are squared. Just a matter of taste. Less

Square manholes cover can slip through the hole if tried to insert diagonally. Major risk! A round manhole cover can never slip through diagonally! Less

Generac Power Systems

Tell me more about yourself. Why did you decide to apply here?

1 Answers

Go through resume with interviewer.


Have you ever had trouble working with co-workers in the past

1 Answers

I looked at my resume to think of a specific experience I could talk about.


how much experience I had with PLCs

1 Answers

I had foundational knowledge from one of my classes


Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult person on your team.

1 Answers

Majority of questions were behavioral.

Newcomb & Boyd

Tell us about a project you've done in the past and how you completed it.

1 Answers

After telling them, they asked about any challenges I had to overcome during it.


Describe a time where you took initiate to get a task done that was noteworthy?

1 Answers

I made a reference to a task at my previous co-op.


Why do you want to work for gulfstream?

1 Answers

I really am interested in how the company takes into account the longevity of the aircraft. It seems most company are all about churning out a product, with the rest of the lifetime of the product as a second thought. Here it seems that you are focused on staying with the product throughout its entire lifetime. Also, the fact that every product is made custom to order is incredible from an engineering standpoint. You aren’t just trying to manufacture one size fits all, instead you are trying to meet the needs of the specific customer. Less

Crown Equipment

What about Crown interests you?

1 Answers

They seem to be on the cutting edge of battery technology, which applies to many areas, even electric cars. Powering electric engines need the research that companies like crown are constantly performing. Battery life and reliability has been a concern in areas from cell phones to transportation for many years, as well as some hurdles to bringing designs to reality. Less

Honda Aircraft Company

During a lightning strike situation, which type of bonding strap would be desirable, a circular cross section or a flatter oval cross section?

1 Answers

The flatter one, because the high frequency current likes to travel on the surface of metal, and the higher surface area allows more current to pass safely. Less

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