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The question about safety threw me off because I had only worked a food service job in high school before interviewing. It went something like: name a time when you noticed a safety issue and did something to correct it. STAR format response obviously

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depends on experience

What do you know about the company

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The hardest questions were behavioral. They asked me some question that caught me off guard, like what would you do if we lost power but we still had to give a seminar, and you called the power company and they couldn't quickly find the issue? **Also review circuits, capacitors, High pass filters, RLC circuits, over damped circuits...etc. Also be familiar with scopes, function generators, oscilloscopes etc.

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Ever faced difficulty in leading a team-mate to work the way he/she is expected to do?

What is an example of a challenge you faced during X leadership position and how did you handle it?

Why do you believe you are qualified for this position?

basically go over the resume, ask why you choose our company and why you choose accounting, not very hard questions

Can you go into more detail about (insert project here)?

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