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What are your weekness?

4 Answers

Actually, these questions may look perfunctory, but I think it looks better if you tell the truth -- know your weaknesses, and tell them what you do to recognize and overcome them. I would not hire anyone with no weaknesses, but also would pass on someone who does not have an active counter-weakness plan.

I'm guessing your answer was "spelling".

Well if I weren't so damned modest I'd be perfect.

What are the independent and dependent variables in your model? What are the underlying assumptions of the model? What did your research indicate should be the expected parameter estimates for your independent variables? How long have you used SAS? What models/methodologies have you evoked through SAS?

2 Answers

Q. What is function overloading.

1 Answer

What SDLC methodologies are you familiar with

1 Answer

In Data Structure, what's the difference between Tree and Array in term of FIFO and LIFO ?

1 Answer

- Role based questions mostly through an example to explain your approach to handle an adverse situation in delivery

1 Answer

You come from a $500M business... What makes you feel that you can handle a $5B Business?

1 Answer

describe in brief about your past project

1 Answer

Describe your average strategy engagement, and how you would address the client's issue with a very complex business problem.

1 Answer
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