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What do you do if a customer is mad and says he hasn't received his statement ?

1 Answer

I apologize about the inconvenience, verify his mailing address, offer statement copy and tell them they call also set up electronic statments for their own convenience and offer to bring the account up to date with a payment over thw phone

What do you do when you have a very irate customer that won't let you speak?

1 Answer

How do ypu overcome objections if a customer does not want to pay

1 Answer

This was difficult only because it is a very detailed question with a lot of specifics to the answer. Explain when you have had an irate customer, what was the situation, how did you handle the customer, what was the end resolution, was the customer satisfied, how did you feel when resolution was compete?

1 Answer

Would you prefer to be respected or liked on the job?

1 Answer

what type of collections do you like doing

1 Answer

Role playing a call

1 Answer

Describe a situation in which you were faced with a difficult customer and how you overcame it.

What previous experience do you have that you think is relevant or has prepared you for this role?

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