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Job Related, including Customer Services, Management Related, Cash Handling and Basic Mathematics skills, and Information regarding Your Illinois Interstate Highways and Oasis. And most import vehicles categorized by Excels. Will all come in written exam.

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I prepared all of this online from a site, which has Qiz sample questions for New York Tollways

What all did you have to bring for hiring process

How long after the interview did you wait for a drug test?

If i believed in God

5 Answers

what kind of technology is used

1 Answer

What are you looking for in a position?

3 Answers

Why should we hire you ?

2 Answers

Can you handle angry customers

2 Answers

They will bring a manager in, and you will be drilled. No hypathetical questions to answer really. But you will be called to account for experience and/or lapse of employment, dismissal, and they will contact your past employers and ask as much as they are willing to tell.

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Have you ever done collections?

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Why collections?

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How would you handle a member who is upset about his/her account or loan? what would you do to keep the conversation from escalating.

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