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Why collections?

2 Answers

Be honest and yourself. Its a tough industry

Why Collections? I enjoy working with people especially those that face adversity on a daily basis and don't know who to turn to whose situations or circumstances are way beyond their control results in mismanagement of their finances. Having gained cumulative experiences of the customer service industries acquired knowledge in best course of actions to take with regards to problem solving, analysis of risk management and negotiations that fulfill credit obligations has me drawn to assist & strengthen our community by educating the customer & client business relation. Edification exalts my ability to meet or exceed client's expectations by not only recovering outstanding balances but rebuilding or reconstructing relationships allows for customer retention which sets win-win scenarios for both customer & client. A value-added service to clients in which mutual beneficial outcomes of customer appreciation & satisfaction opt for repeat services. It makes for good business sense.

They will check your credit! you must have a decent credit score to be considered for the position. They do have in depth training, so no worries there. You get an hour lunch break, and you must clock out. Pretty simple job really, if you like sitting in a cubicle for 8 hrs a day. No weekends, which is worth it for some people.

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Could I key on a 10 key device?

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could I collect prices in "undercover" location without getting caught?

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What would you do if you saw a coworker doing something non-compliant.

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if hired would i need days off in the coming 90 days

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why did i want to work at sallie mae

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Why should we hire you since you have a degree and i will hire someone with a GED.

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Why do you think we should hire you.

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