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How would you feel if someone asked you a question you didn't know?

4 Answers

I would not feel bad I would just say I do not know the answer to that but if you would give me a few minutes to find out I do not mind checking for you

Depending on the circumstances of the question and if I have been properly trained to handle it or not

I would refer them to a supervisor

The most difficult was when he asked me if there was any part of my school projects that really tripped me up. When I confessed of a problem I had he asked me to explain what the problem was and then the solution and what I did to fix it. He expected that I learned everything about the problem in order to overcome it.

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Why GM?

2 Answers

I was well prepared, but I struggle with "Tell me about yourself." Understand that this questions usually catches people off guard, so have a 90 second speech ready!

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Tell us about your family.

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You are working on college prep material for your students when the principal of the school you work at asks you to volunteer as a chaperone at the school dance. What do you do?

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What should I do if I want a variable that cannot change?

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Give a little background of your experience as a Career Services Advisor. Why Kaplan College should hire you? Why you feel you are the best candidate for this position?

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Q: "There are three boxes. One contains yellow balls, one contains white balls, and one contains box white and yellow balls. You can't see in the boxes, but as soon as you pull out one ball from one box, you know which boxes contain which balls. How can you explain this?"

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