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Texas A&M University Interviews in College Station /  HQ: College Station

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How would you handle one of us (the managers) coming up and telling you to do something that you completely disagree with and think there is a better way to handle the situation?

2 Answers

Just have a backbone and inform them that you'll confront them and share your view of the situation. They don't want mindless slaves to work for them.

Explain your concerns to the manager, hoping he listens and engages in a discussion with you about it. If he refuses to listen, consult his superior.

What would I do if the customer gets upset and yells?

1 Answer

BTW, no offer as of yet. It’s been a week or two.

3 Answers

Do you have any issue working most nights and weekends for eight months out of the year.

3 Answers

What qualifications do you have that you feel would be able to transfer well to our company.

4 Answers

Why do you want to join?

2 Answers

what are your personal and professional goals?

2 Answers

What were you salary requirements?

2 Answers

What would you do if a customer came in and asked to buy a book but we knew that a different store in town was selling it for a cheaper price?

2 Answers

How have you dealt with a difficult person in the past?

2 Answers
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