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Where do you see yourself in five years?

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In five years, I want to have found the right career track and to have began to make my way up in that track. I'm leaning towards financial planning, but that's why I am so interested in these rotational programs: I am attracted to the idea of gaining different experiences at a company, being able to work closely with a team, and finding the best fit for me.Hopefully, I would be at one company, because I highly value the idea of having learned from the people around me and being able to add value back.

How do you concatenate three strings in Java?

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Many behavioral STAR based questions.

1 Answer

Give an example of a time when you had to deal with a negative person?

Describe a situation where you helped a peer out

In your past position, what was your biggest success?

Lots of questions in the behavioral format where you have to adapt your answers to fit the questions.

What is the difference between == and .equals()

Group Case Question. It was sent before we went into the super day, it asked why the savings rate had declined since 2013

What was your least favorite course so far and why?

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