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"What would you do if a client walked in right now and asked you to find her the best mascara?"

3 Answers

"I would take them to the 'Sephora Favorites' mascara wall and ask what they wanted out of their mascara and chose a best fit"

"I will suggest my personal mascara and talk about all the pros my mascara has " because I always seem to be asked what mascara I used :)

What kind of mascara are you looking for? Do you have any specific wants or issues with a mascara?

Sell this product to me.

1 Answer

How would you deal with a rude customer?

1 Answer

They will ask you what you would do if a client dropped a perfume bottle outside the store right after purchasing it.

1 Answer

Why sephora

1 Answer

Describe your most favorite boss, and your least favorite boss and why.

1 Answer

Why sephora?

1 Answer

What are your top 3 favorite product lines that sephora offers

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