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Data Analyst Interview Questions in Columbus, OH

Data Analyst Interview Questions in Columbus, OH

Every business collects data, and it's the job of the data analyst to analyze, interpret, and communicate that information in a way that will help drive company decisions. Employers will be looking for candidates with strong technical skills as well as a knack for conveying data in an easy to understand way. Expect a fair number of technical questions, which may include an analytical case study and a math brainteaser.

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I was asked how I would hack into the network using the phone that was on the desk.

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I didn't do well, he had to prompt me that the phone had an additional ethernet port on the back. From there I mentioned I would sniff the network, etc. but he said the correct answer would be to print up the arp tables and do other techniques.

How would you improve your favorite app?

Tell us about a time you automated a process.

When you are doing logistic regression, how do you assess your model? What is the different compared to simple linear regression?

What is the relationship between PCA and LDA/QDA?

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How do you work with less supervision?

past experience with data and what kind of projects you worked on

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What sort of data analysis experience do you have?

Describe your role? How large a data do you deal with? If there are problems with data, how do you address the problems? How do you deal with missing data? Did the data ever provide you with insights that you weren't expecting?

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