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Mechanical Engineer Interview Questions in Columbus, OH

"When interviewing candidates for the role of mechanical engineer, employers look for candidates who are enthusiastic to create innovative designs, analyses, and methods of production for mechanical systems. Expect to answer engineering questions that will assess your knowledge of the field as well as your creative problem-solving abilities to turn a theoretical device into a real product. In addition, come ready to discuss examples of past projects or designs and how you would excel in a team-oriented setting."

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All questions were behavioral and nothing specifically difficult.

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Did they get back to you with a second interview?

How did you come to know that you didn't get offer,any email,call ?and when did your application got updated?

What do you know about TESLA?

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Technical Question:1 What is the first law of thermodynamics? 2 Use first law to solve a working fluid problem about engine 3 What is most important in FEA?

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- Please sketch the binder clip in front of you in three views (front, side, isometric). - A few pointed technical questions about a project in portfolio (Why did you make this decision, what were you trying to optimize, etc)

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Describe a situation that consisted of an unfair amount of work for you to do.

What is the size of the room we are in?

Most questions were the usual list of top interview questions; what is the hardest thing you've done at company xyz..., tell me a time when you had a conflict..., tell me about yourself.. ect.. I wasn't expecting; "Tell me what you do on your free time?"

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Tell me one project in which you were dissatisfied and why?

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