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Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions in Columbus, OH

A pharmacy technician works closely with pharmacists to carry out administrative duties and supply patients with prescriptions. Be prepared to answer questions about your ability to deal with confrontational customers. You may be asked to engage in a few role-play scenarios, such as a patient not understanding how to take his prescription or a patient approaching you in a lot of pain.

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Tell us about a challenge you've had when working on a team and how did it get resolved?

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They were only difficult because I felt a little bad that all my answers referred back to my latest job.

Keeping everyone on track is a challenge, try to persuade the team into getting if over with to finish quickly.

There were not any difficult questions asked. They did ask to explain why I have had so many jobs within the past few years--which I haven't had that many.

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The ask you situational questions and what your response to them would be. For example: A customer is very upset and a late prescription. What do you say and what do you do to resolve this conflict?

How have you dealt with conflict with a coworker or difficult customer in the past?

How far away I lived from the store? Why was I wanting to work retail in pharmacy?

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Describe a time when you didn't get along with a co-worker and how you resolved it.