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Senior Consultant Interview Questions in Columbus, OH


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How much did you make in your previous position

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Tell us about your experience supporting an organizational leader in an OD consultant role.

Program to sort numbers in C

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Mostly situational interview "Tell me a time when..." interview questions provided by HR to measure key traits and skills. Example: "Tell me a time when you had to convince someone of something that they were reluctant about." Each interviewer had topics and questions, but they were allowed to deviate from the list, so while there was theme consistency, there was also interviewer style variance that could indicate that others could go through a slightly different experience.

Explain the C# Garbage Collection process

Most difficult question for me was to provide an example where i must have demonstrated some outstanding activities.

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About your biggest faults and things you can improve about yourself.

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How would I complete certain variable reassignment tasks using SAS, but this was a very specific technical type question which was not the only consideration in the interview process.

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