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Vice President, Engineering was asked...September 27, 2016

Are you okay with our eccentric Policies?

2 Answers

To bad 2U doesn't know how to properly interview or ask about management questions. Less

That wasn't the actual question. Sorry you didn't get the job.


How long was my last position

1 Answers

It was eight years

Mortgage Builder

Conflict resolution skill is an area of focus during the interview process.

1 Answers

site an actual incident of how you handled the situation

SymphonyAI Industrial

Describe your background to me

1 Answers

I related my background to the position open


What is your experience with distributed team

1 Answers

I have been leading distributed teams for 16 years, it's all about culture.

Gatsby (CA)

How will you help Gatsby build a strong engineering culture?

1 Answers

I try to adhere to what I call the "parking lot metric" which is a subjective assessment of how each person feels about their day-to-day on an engineering team. If they pull their car into the parking lot, how much do they feel like putting the car back in Reverse and driving away or do they feel good about the day they are about to have--can it be a good day? Is there even a chance for that? This mindset has helped me address root issues on teams fairly quickly so meaningful cultures can be layered on. It's not always the most important thing to work (individual issues with motivation) but it's one of the things that can really hurt a team. Less


I was asked general questions about my experience and how I have tackled particular engineering situations in the past.

1 Answers

I spoke to my experience

Enerpac Tool Group

What makes you interested

1 Answers



What is a source code management system and what is it used for?

1 Answers

No brainer

Boiler Room

Why should we have separate javascript and backend?

1 Answers

This is a dumb question. Firstly, Node.js exists, so JavaScript CAN be a backend language; Secondly, they're mixing terminology. Frontend and backend are departments/categories of development. JavaScript is a language. Less

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