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This industry has a very high turnover rate, about 75%. Lewan has a much higher retention rate at about 50%. Knowing this, how can we be certain you will stay for at least 3 years?

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I am looking for a career in sales, I know this position will take a couple of years for me to see the 'fruits of my labor" so I am in it for the long term.

Thanks for your input. We are trying to streamline the interview process and your review will be discussed by our leadership team. Thanks so much. Fred Cannataro, CEO

Nothing stood out as particularly difficult other than questions like "describe your biggest failure in a sales cycle" (that we, as salespeople and candidates, are conditioned to not want to really talk about).

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The interview was conducted by a panel of 3 Sales Managers in their Piscataway office. This was the most unprofessional interview i have ever been a part of, the managers were arrogant, rude, used foul language. amazing how these Sales Managers can represent a company in such a bad light.... Be prepared for silly questions about your previous jobs.. The Interview is more like a cross examination by a shady lawyer with an "ill fitting suit.

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Could I make the transition from working for a "broker" like Willis when I had been employed by large agencies in the past?

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When was there a time you had to go above and beyond for a customer?

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How will you contribute to the sales organization ?

I was asked to review each of their requirements and answer how I qualified. This was done by email.

What is one project you are proud of? What do you do on your free time? Tell me about a time where you had to do extra work with a difficult customer.

Be prepared to do a full-on role-play of a Needs Analysis meeting with a customer.

They asked me how I stay organized in my sales process

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