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Commercial Banking Analyst Interview Questions


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Without having a company's financial statements, what is something you should know in order to evaluate whether or not they should receive a loan.

1 Answer

Industry, product, line of business, etc. You want to know this in order to rate basic risk.

Tell me about a time where you disagreed with someone and how did you overcome that?

1 Answer

What do you like about Wells Fargo?

1 Answer

Three financial statements.

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What single financial statement would you choose to value a company and why?

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When was a time you dealt with a difficult situation? Why JPM? Why commercial banking?

Case interview, personality and experience.

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Q: Tell me about yourself. Q: Why Wells Fargo. Q: If you were looking to increase a company's equity given their financial statements, where would you look? Q: Explain the financial statements.

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