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Commercial Equipment Rental interview questions

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Interview Questions

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what do you like about neff?

1 Answer

I like the family atmosphere about the company, and the upward movability about the company.

What makes you good at sales?

1 Answer

Using what we have used to define sales, give me an example of a situation in which you have had to use collaborative selling? What made the situation difficult and what was successful about it?

1 Answer

Why have you been unemployed for so long? *Note: Are you kidding me?

3 Answers

Are you mobile?

1 Answer

do you have experience with working with machines ?

1 Answer

Do you have a problem with working a few weekends a year or working overtime every few day?

1 Answer

what do you think makes you a good fit for the position?

1 Answer

Why should I pick you instead of some one else applying for the same position.

1 Answer

Do you know about bulldozers?

1 Answer
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