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Commercial Equipment Repair & Maintenance interview questions

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What is my personality type and what kind of people do I find difficult to work with?

2 Answers

I found this inappropriate. I felt they were phishing for information to see if I would say something negative. My answer was I get along with everyone?

This is a common trick question with no 'correct' answer, just like the "what is your greatest flaw" question... The most reliable approach to answering a question like this is to illustrate how you always try to reach a middle ground with people. You divide and compromise rather then enter into a power-struggle with your co-workers.

What would you do in this situation? What have you done similarly in the past? Describe a process similar to the work we execute in this Division.

1 Answer

Do you prefer data mining or managing?

1 Answer

Why do you want to work here?

1 Answer

How much do you know about air cranes?

1 Answer

Why were you terminated in your last job.

1 Answer

The business was located inside of an old gasoline station. There was disorder and cramped quarters everywhere. Hiring manager used the term "we run around here with our hair on fire".

1 Answer

Do you see yourself staying here long?

1 Answer

Software process - full lifecycle framework

1 Answer

Syntax/Knowledge interview for C++

1 Answer
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