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Commercial Real Estate Broker Interview Questions


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Why commercial real estate

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My answer was: I thought it would give me an opportunity to be successful.

After the presentation, I went in for a second interview and noticed a discrepancy in the material presented. The commission split was not as he had presented at the first interview. Perhaps this was a way to dissuade me from going further. He was also firm about the long hours required without pay realistically for two years. I was very discouraged and didn't see a point in pursuing this job any further.

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How do you expect to handle the pressure of making a lot of cold calls if you don't have much experience at it?

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How are you going to be able to pay for your living expenses for the next year or so?

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"Why did you leave your latest job or position with xyz company?" "Describe a conflict or difficult relationship you had with a co-worker or superior and how you handled it. What would you do differently in retrospect?"

Are you able to financially support yourself for 9-14 months?

None. Was a casual conversation to make sure you are interested in real estate and that you are okay working on commission only.

Why do you want to work here?

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Why would I choose to work with someone as young as yourself, when I can work with someone who has been in the business 20 years and has sold several buildings already?

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