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Tell me about your educational background? What are some of the stressful circumstances involving specific customers' that I had to overcome?

There wasn't really any question that was unexpected.

There are some role playing scenarios. Be yourself and relax. These are not difficult if you enjoy working with the public.

What the latest trends are. They had me pick out an outfit because part of your job is being a stylist.

How would you handle a customer who was rude? Explain how you are competitive, etc.

Huge tip: during your skit, ask A LOT of questions. She said that was my biggest failures. She said if I had asked more questions, I would've found out that she needed two dresses as opposed to one. Also, ask for their name. She explained that customers and employees should be on a first name basis. Nordstrom values their customers and want to make them feel welcome. When you're nearing the end, always offer other products - shoes, accessories, bras, hosiery, etc.

I had to role-play a selling experience with my potential new manager. It wasn't particularly unexpected, but was definitely stressful for me as I had very little work experience.

If I had any previous sales experience

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