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How soft bits are put into a decoder (???)

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Asked to clarify the question.

For BPSK, if you got 0.5 – is it 0 or 1?

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Do you prefer to work on a team or individually?

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Explain OFDM, Viterbi algorithm, Write Linked List algorithm in C on board...

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In written test- 1) Given QPSK constellation diagram, it has an I-Q imbalance.Q component has +0.5 dB imbalance in magnitude and I component has 0 degree phase imbalance.How will the resulting constellation look? 2) Given a frequency response if we apply kaiser window what are the output coefficients? In Interview- Few basic questions like what is correlation? mathematical formula? If there is frequency offset how will the constellation look like? Difference between correlation and convolution? etc

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