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Communications Manager Interview Questions

Communications Manager Interview Questions

"When interviewing for a position as a communications manager, you will be asked primarily about your communication and presentation skills. Employers will want to be sure you can handle their companies' internal and external communications. As a communications manager, you will be responsible for creating presentations and memos, ensuring all employees are up to date on changes within the company, and handling external communications to stakeholders and the public."

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Senior Communications Manager was asked...August 9, 2015

How do you manage project expectations when multiple stakeholders are involved?

2 Answers

I would guess that you would want to accurately convey the potential of the project within a predetermined timeframe. Ideally you want to sell the vision of the project while staying realistic. Most of the project expectations should lean on the "must haves" opposed to the "wants" of the project. Less

I made the point that there are several ingredients to proper stakeholder management -- especially when there are many (with often disparate goals and needs) involved in a single project. I stressed the importance of excellent communication, strong interpersonal skills, sharp organizational skills and the ability to inspire confidence and maintain authority as the PM. Less

LexisNexis Legal & Professional

Discuss what advantages and disadvantages there are to Web 2.0

1 Answers

Social networking can be an advantage to a company; however it is also a time bomb waiting to go off. Less

Riot Games

Applying your communications experience, what area of internal communications at Riot would you pursue in improving the overall efficacy?

1 Answers

The most prominent example of internal communications with a Congressional office is the weekly E-Newsletter that reaches over 50,000 constituents. I would inquire into Riot about content regularity (ie updates, programs, and general information), and work with the appropriate departments to establish publication schedules and identifying designs. It's important for the audience to have an expectation for information dissemination, especially internal communication with updates relevant to their departments. Less

Magellan Health

Do you think you would be satisfied doing this type of work?

4 Answers

There's no good answer to this. I said that it would be a different challenge than what I've been doing for the past many years and therefore would be very satisfying as it would keep me challenged. Less

Depending on your comfort level.....A good answer is "I am looking for a challenge, that is why I am here today. I feel (insert name of company) will provide me with that opportunity which will benefit both (insert name) and my individual career goals." Less

"HR Guy said: “Depending on your comfort level.....A good answer is "I am looking for a challenge, that is why I am here today. I feel (insert name of company) will provide me with that opportunity which will benefit both (insert name) and my individual career goals."”" --- That would be a good answer for someone who isn't familiar with the company and doesn't already work there, but it isn't a good answer for someone who already works there and was looking to move up in their field. Unfortunately the person doing the interviewing and the person who would have been the manager determined I was overqualified for the job and that I would be bored because they had already been burned by hiring someone who did get bored and left after only a few months. They didn't want to get burned again so they refused to continue communicating with me (this was confirmed with people at the company). The funny thing is, I'm not over qualified for a job I haven't done before. While I am very qualified for what I do and over qualified for lesser positions in the same field, I'm not overqualified to be a car mechanic, because it isn't something I do on a regular basis. It's very unfortunate that HR and TA people assume people are over qualified if their resume is stellar, not realizing that different jobs require different skills and that people do sometimes apply for jobs that are outside their comfort zone for the challenge. Regardless of how 'over qualified' they seem to be for said position. Less

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Tell me about a campaign you created/worked on that went wrong.

3 Answers

We appreciate the feedback and always strive to improve our processes! We encourage you to reach out to the recruiter that you worked with during the process to help us. Please reach out to me directly if you would like to discuss further! Less

Thanks for your note, Kathryn - I didn't work with a recruiter but rather went through internal HR at InLinkUK, who I followed up with several times following the interviews, however, I never received a response. Less

This was in relation to a creative idea being received in the wrong way - I hadn't actually experienced this, specifically, so I drew upon other work experiences where things hadn't gone to plan. Less

Pink Triangle Press

Are you offended by hardcore gay porn?

3 Answers

No, i actually watch them sometimes

No, Do I have to be offended. There is always a way to change the channel


Agung Sedayu

knowledge of the mall

2 Answers

I have known and learned about the customers and environment long time before

MOI, PIK Avenue, Dharmawangsa Square, Mall Agung Sedayu


How many years did you spend in college.

2 Answers

Yes. I said I had an MBA

I have two masters degrees. I was at the Univeristy in some form from 2000-2012.


What challenges do you think Facebook is facing right now?

2 Answers

Don't be bitter dude, it seems the Westerner knows more about Asia than you do - at least in China's context.... Facebook is nonexistent there. Less

In an Asian context, I said it was China. Facebook is not big in China and there are several competitors in other countries such as India and Facebook needs to work with someone in China to achieve, as well as stay competitive in terms of services offered so consumers will stay with FB. Less


The interviewer gave me an example of a communications situation, a very compelling one, and told the story of the problem. Before getting to the end of the story, he asked how I would resolve that situation and what my response would be and what is my thinking behind my response.

2 Answers

There were several real life scenario, on-the-job, questions posed by different interviewers. I answered each one the best of my ability. Less

Hello, as an MS employee I have created an interview prep guide for Microsoft interviews, based on my and my colleagues' recent interview experiences. The guide has questions you should expect along with our answers that got us into Microsoft. You can find it here: (please do not forget to also look at the reviews at the bottom of that page). Thanks! Ryan Less

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