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Communications manager Interview Questions

"When interviewing for a position as a communications manager, you will be asked primarily about your communication and presentation skills. Employers will want to be sure you can handle their companies' internal and external communications. As a communications manager, you will be responsible for creating presentations and memos, ensuring all employees are up to date on changes within the company, and handling external communications to stakeholders and the public."

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How do you manage project expectations when multiple stakeholders are involved?

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I made the point that there are several ingredients to proper stakeholder management -- especially when there are many (with often disparate goals and needs) involved in a single project. I stressed the importance of excellent communication, strong interpersonal skills, sharp organizational skills and the ability to inspire confidence and maintain authority as the PM.

I would guess that you would want to accurately convey the potential of the project within a predetermined timeframe. Ideally you want to sell the vision of the project while staying realistic. Most of the project expectations should lean on the "must haves" opposed to the "wants" of the project.

Discuss what advantages and disadvantages there are to Web 2.0

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What do you see the organization doing to raise it in prominence?

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What is your current employer doing better than we are? I work in marketing so I had to answer based on my research done prior to interview. I was so happy I did a ton of research/comparison before going in.

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What is your opinion of including social media in the overall communications process?

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Applying your communications experience, what area of internal communications at Riot would you pursue in improving the overall efficacy?

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Do you think you would be satisfied doing this type of work?

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The interviewer gave me an example of a communications situation, a very compelling one, and told the story of the problem. Before getting to the end of the story, he asked how I would resolve that situation and what my response would be and what is my thinking behind my response.

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How do you feel that the (owners) are well known supporters of Scott Walker, who is now running for president?

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Tell us about an experience when you challenged your superior management.

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