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How would you increase the interest on economical reforms in the Government of (I do not remember the name of the country, but it was one from Africa)?

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Trough a marketing/communications campaign that allow the Government to see the benefits of that reforms. They should understand the benefits for its Government, for its people, etc. And they should understand that the international community is going to offer them more economic help after that reforms.

I would lobby through stakeholder forums to the government and demonstrate how positive economic reforms have assisted e.g small businesses to grow- thus more taxes to the government,reforms reduce poverty- thus less burden to the government to deal with issues associated with poverty - thus more for them to use to develop infrastructure, create new areas for youth employment etc.

Previous Experience Skills

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Reasons for my divorce.

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Make a strategic plan for all the communications and campaigns

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What was the greatest challenge you overcame in your career?

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Tell me about yourself in high school? Are you comfortable measuring your results, how? Give me a brief overview of yourself and how it relates to the job? What are we NOT doing that you think we should be?

Pressed me on one behavioral analysis question I had been already asked on the phone, which was like, "How would you deal with angry people?" That was kind of strange.

If I was willing to go through Fire Bregade?

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