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Given a requirement that files at rest need to be encrypted, describe how you would leverage a CDN to accelerate content deliver to customers of that file?

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If the encryption is unique for each customer then the CDN will not be able to accelerate downloads as each bit delivered to the customer will be unique. However, if there is a trust relationship between the client and the CDN then you could use an encryption key that is shared by the client and the CDN to satisfy the encryption of files at rest, and the CDN edge can then use an SSL tunnel to deliver a unique encryption during transfer.

My research was on methods to handle branch divergence in SIMT Architecture... so many questions were on that...

Computer architecture topics: core (superscalar, smt, stages), cache coherency and consistency models, interconnect network, i/o devices, main memory, topologies, gpus. You wont do well if you don't study at least for a month and read all the related CA books

DO you know how two CPU communication with each other

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