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How many extra hours can you put in?

1 Answer

Detailed language specific questions. Check the web for C++ and Java interview questions. The questions were pulled from the web examples.

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Why you want to go out of India?

1 Answer

differentiate the quality and quantity?

1 Answer

Convert the following binary numbers into two's complement form: 0010, 1100, 0111

Implement MIPs assembly language code to summate the numbers 1 through 10 using a loop.

What is the value of x after the following code fragment is executed? int *x = 5; int *y = x; x = 2; **y = 3;

I did not expect question from binary search and I was asked to find a node. They just tested if I know the concepts.

What would you say to a student who has an assignment due imminently and insists on you giving them the solution?

1 Answer

Create a calculator.

2 Answers

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