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Describe a time you had to thnik outside the box.

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I described moving from an office experience to a telecommute position and having to adapt my resources to fit. I was later ribbed about that by an interviewer as well as other questions much like-> do I like software or hardware better. I answered software because I actually write and enjoy code. That answer was met by comments on how software depends on hardware. This made me realize the answers I was going to give were not going to be right. I kept eye contact smiled and stayed fully engaged with the interviewers. Overall I did not do as well as I wanted in the interview and interviewers took 2 weeks longer to get back with me than they specified.

why are you not suited for the position you are applying for?

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Why should we hire you?

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Have you been doing this long?

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Describe a time you experienced positive and negative customer service Situational questions ie. You have to deal with a crisis but are stopped by a coworker who needs help - what do you do? What experience do you have with Mac computers How would you stop a program from launching on start up?

No unexpected questions, however the amount of screening and interviews were higher than I had previously experienced

Name a difficult situation with a customer and how were you able to deal with the customer?

(Asked MULTIPLE times): Do you feel comfortable working the night shift?

Give an example of a time you had a disagreement with a supervisor, and how did you resolve the conflict.

What are your strengths? What can you bring to the organization?

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