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None, person was too stupid and staff unprofessional to actually follow thru after the interview. I realize now you will see this company has hire turnover and the same job posted every year...there has to be better places to work.

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Who they are producing conferences for? Why anyone would outsource there events to this company is a big mystery.

What steps would you like to have take place next?

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How do you think your skills would apply to this position?

Will you be able to finish a task on a very strict deadline. HUGE emphasis on deadlines.

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How would you introduce yourself to a C-level professional during a cold call?

What is your salary expectation?

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What is one good and bad thing your former boss would say about you?

During the face to face interview, they ask the typical questions. There really are no curve balls; it was all fairly ordinary.

Do not recall at the moment. The most important part was producing a 'mock conference'

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