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Sell me something.

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Just pick an example, any example. They just want to see that you can try. They don't expect you to have experience or be perfect as long as you can learn, take initiative, and demonstrate good customer service skills.

Name a time where you had to step up to take leadership role in a group setting.

Normal behavioral interview, tell me a time when you encountered a major problem at work with a co-worker, what happened and what was the end resolution.

What was the hardest task you ever had to do within a certain timeframe?

"Are you sensitive" ( i dont see what the point of this was other than the fact that his humor is abrasive"

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Name a time you had a heavy workload. Were you able to complete all those tasks? Is there anything you wouldbe done differently?

Nothing unexpected here. Like I said, very straight forward. If you speak English, and you are not a total idiot you will get the job.

Tell about a project where you had to gather a team and work on it.

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