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They asked a question that was somewhat confusing at the time but made a lot of sense later. They asked how I would deal with monitoring the work done by payroll administrators even as I was not their supervisor but was still responsible for the accuracy and quality of their work. Ironically, this question rang in my ears for a long time--it was definitely a dilemma.

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Lacking overall context, this question appears to be taking a long view on the project ... if you're managing budget, tracking tasks and attentive to remaining scope of effort, it would be useful to ensure (minimally) that: - hours worked/paid aligned with estimates - hours worked by groups aligned with delivered work -- is it done, did that element exceed budget - reporting on overall project relative to plan ... in short, does it mirror (quite literally) where you say we should be. In this space, labor is one of the few variable costs ... failing to completely supervise payroll could quickly cause a project to go over budget.

That is true and I was happy to do that. The problem did not lie in tracking and managing budgets. The problem dealt with administrators having trouble receiving constructive criticism or being asked to fix their entry errors by someone that was not their supervisor, especially on a weekly basis since books closed weekly. Nonetheless, that was a big part of the job I was paid to do, the accuracy and integrity of the reports was my responsibility.

What is the most important thing the company could do to assure employee retention?

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Which selling technique do you think works better for our company... the hard sell or the softer, knowledgeable sale?

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If you recognized a design flaw on a project once submitted to the client that was not caught by the company or the client, was constructed, and ultimately caused an accident, would you bring it to the attention of senior management?

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Would you prefer to have 1) a task with given "step-by-step" completion recommendations or 2) just an overall goal that you have to accomplish, and if you stay within the area of allowed actions - you are good, so you can decide in which way you are going to accomplish the goal.

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How many years of warehouse experience do you have?

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If I'm familiar with their type of construction.

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For experienced engineers, one of the questions was to detail about all the major projects that I had worked on.

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What experience do you have with walking an untouched lot (i.e. still wooded, hasn't been cleared for building yet)?

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